My experience with Daayani has been uplifting, positive, and fiery in the direst of times in my life. I cannot thank Jenna and Lianna enough for taking me in as apart of the Daayani coven. Everything they have to offer, the clothing, the yoga, meditation, and tarot classes are infinite in value. There is so much I learned and still learning about myself while being a part of the coven. These morals that I learn throughout the classes have helped calm the negativity in me, and it has helped me achieve one of my ultimatums in life which is to be humble. Daayani is about not just accepting everybody for who they are but building upon those fundamentals to making their students their best unique selves. This is something that is priceless and truly uplifts my spirit, so thank you Jenna and Lianna. I cannot wait to see how much Daayani will burn and blossom!

— Joe Samoles

Love Daayani Yoga's events and brand - they are just like their founders: unique, inspiring, creative, thought provoking, strong as hell, and fiercely independent, all with a wicked sense of humor. They know all the “rules” as well as anybody, but they take what is practical and build upon it, cut through the bs that no longer serves, then throw the tired old rule book out the fucking window and do things their own way, leaving behind limiting expectations. “Build the fire. Burn the rest!" Every event you can expect something new and innovative. They take you through a wicked labyrinth of unexpected shapes and highly creative sequences in which you will surely find your edge, always with a healthy dose of humor to keep it lighthearted and fun as you forge a stronger core in their fiery inferno of sweaty asanas and flows. Already I find myself looking forward to see what events, challenges, and cool products Daayani Yoga will come up with next. So inspired by and proud of them in so many ways: their dedication to constantly improving and coming up with new ways to motivate - themselves as well as their students, for all their commendable contributions to numerous good causes that they selflessly give their time and energy to, their loyal support of local artists and vendors, and for the initiative they took to believe in themselves, take a leap of faith and strike out on their own. There’s a lot to be learned from their examples right there. Two of my favorite teachers and people in the whole world. If your practice needs a breath of fresh air, get yourself over to one of their classes or events, prepare to be challenged mentally and physically, dig deep, and SMILE :D as your body shakes as you burn off limiting beliefs and hold that plank pose!!!

– Steve Youngblood

Daayani held their HELLoween event on 10/6 and it was everything!! We flowed together in a dark space, with spooky music and decorations, mats just centimeters apart from each other. The flow, as expected, was fiery, fierce, buttkicking, yet meditative and intimate, connecting complete strangers to move together as one. The space was sold out-- completely packed, there was not room for even one more mat, and all who came did so because they love classes taught by founders Jenna and Lianna. We PLANKED, we flowed, we sweat, we laughed, we rested. Thank you ladies, looking forward to many future events with you!

– Rochelle Gower

Daayani’s beer and yoga event was awesome. Got a great workout, enjoyed delicious beer, and was surrounded by some of my favorite people. If you haven't been to one of their events yet, do yourself a favor and go. It's for all levels of experience and is always a great time!!!

– Stephen Murphy

Each and every Daayani event is overflowing with dedication, passion, genuine love for the practice, and most importantly, genuine love for the individuals who arrive on their mats ready to embrace what Lianna & Jenna have to offer. It’s inspiring to see two badass women team up together to create a brand that is so true to their identities and transform it into something for everybody. Beyond their supernatural themes and at their core is pure light, joy, happiness, and generosity for others. Even as a person who does not practice yoga often, I always feel welcomed and capable throughout the class and leave my mat feeling empowered. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these brilliant and talented women.

— Kimberly Gerdjikian

Daayani is incredible! Lianna and Jenna are so passionate about this work and it really shows through their teaching and events. They are both so creative and dedicated to getting their message across, and they do so in such a fun, interactive way. Definitely check out the next Daayani event, you won't regret it!

— Jacqueline Lee

Jenna and Lianna have always been amazing teachers and vibe so well off of each other.  Now, with Daayani, it’s almost as if they're even more in their own element.  It’s obvious their clothing line is amazing, but their events pack so much energy, that if you don’t know what you’re in for, you might forget you’re in a yoga class.  And that feels like the point.

— Kevin Kusky

My best friend and I have attended the past three Daayani events held at the Spellbound Salon — all of them have been amazing and empowering experiences. Most recently, I attended My Bloody Valentine on 2/16 and it was the best event to date! We flowed to Eminem, planked (and planked, and planked), partnered up for a Thai massage, and relaxed during yoga nidra. The afterparty features local vendors who put their heart and soul into their products; from coffee and dessert, to candles and artwork. The performers during the afterparty were so unique and talented; their individuality is emblematic of Daayani itself. We’re unique souls flowing in unique and beautiful bodies and share our love for yoga and togetherness. Jenna and Lianna have provided an awesomely badass brand and experience for yogis of all levels, ages, and abilities. I’m proud to support them in their endeavors and can’t wait to attend the next event!

— Samantha Sgroi