Four Thieves Vinegar

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Four Thieves Vinegar

Presenting Four Thieves Vinegar brewed by Angie aka @lovely_roadkill.
With herbs picked from her personal garden, this batch of Four Thieves was blessed with collected rain water under the April Full Moon.

The recipe’s origins date back to the devastating years of the Black Plague. A group of grave robbers used this herbal vinegar blend to become immune to the disease and rob the belongings of the dead. Once they were caught and tried by authorities, the judges struck a bargain; the recipe to their immunity in exchange for a quicker death. Over the centuries the recipe has been replicated and reimagined by various herbalists and kitchen witches.

Angie’s take on this folkloric recipe can be incorporated into protection and banishment spells. Add 10 drops to 1 qt of water in a spray bottle to use as a surface disinfectant. Spray on clothes, bedding, etc. to keep bugs away.


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