Talisman Sports Leggings

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Our new Talisman line is inspired by two talismans that were created and charged with intention by Daayani mentor and inspiration, Damien Echols. You can choose between the talisman to clear obstacles or talisman to protect from harmβ€”or better yet, mix and match both! A portion of the proceeds from this line will be donated to The Innocence Project, founded to exonerate the wrongly convicted.

Sizing Guide

XXS31 Β½23 ⅝33 β…ž
XS33 β…›25 ΒΌ35 β…œ
S34 ⅝26 ΒΎ37
M36 ΒΌ28 β…œ38 ⅝
L39 β…œ31 Β½41 ΒΎ
XL42 Β½34 ⅝44 β…ž
2XL45 ⅝37 ΒΎ48
3XL48 β…ž41 51 β…›